Convert-o-Log TM Conversion System for Existing Buildings
Convert-o-Log TM material is sold by the linear foot and shipped from our manufacturing mill in Winter Wisconsin. Log material is available in 3 widths, (6", 8" & 9"), with corresponding full cornered log ends to achieve the desired log building look. All material is kiln dried and comes in different grades based on species of wood and quality of the wood then neatly machined with our unique planers and knives.
Convert-o-Log TM packages are available on a per linear foot basis depending on species and quality of the wood material used. Packages can include the full log cornering system and Early American facia trim. Window and door molding extensions, if needed, are to be furnished by the owner. No other material or hardware included.
Not all Log siding is the created equal, before you decide on a source, consider that quality is defined by the wood species used and grade which is stamped on the wood. Also, the design of the log and the engineering of the cornering system will created very different looks. Some log systems have large flat areas between the log rounds, ours does not. We challenge you to compare our Convert-o-Log TM system to the competition; we're convinced you will see the difference and return to us.
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A log construction system with full log corners that was developed and patented by Felser Forest Products to convert existing frame cabins, homes and business buildings to the appearance of beautiful log buildings.  Adds great structural strength and weather tightness to older frame structures.
The residence shown above is a finished conversion of a frame building to a full cornered log building with Felser Forest Products unique Early American facia trim.
Residence prior to renovation
Residence after renovation
Prices are US dollars, F.O.B Winter Wisconsin
Soffit details with custom mouldings
Residence with Convert-o-log  TM  
Ranch Style
Chalet Style
Modular Homes